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05 Apr 2017

New Studio Layout

      Well the building work has been going well for the last few weeks and I now have the internal layouts of what the new studio will look like.   Ground Floor First Floor Studio 1 will be my space, whilst Studio 2 is the brand new food stills hire studio. Studio 3 …

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29 Jan 2017

Aldeburgh 2017 with the Leica M10

Well I’ve been a slightly obsessive Leicaphile since the Leica M9 rangefinder. The M9 was cranky and slow but the picture quality was undeniably beautiful. The M240 was a brick of a camera and I struggled to fall in love with the colour and subtlety of the imagery… and now we have the M10. It …

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30 Jan 2017

Studio Update No 1: 30-1-17

  My foreman on the build, the charming Ken, has let me know that weather permitting, the concrete foundations will be in within just five days of the first trial pit being dug. He has also let me know that I might not have to move out quite as quickly as I had anticipated… This …

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