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14 Apr 2020

Creative Lockdown: do we, don’t we, should we?

As a food photographer for the best part of 25 years I find myself for the first time, at home, frozen out of any practical work and income. Now this isn’t a violin playing hard luck story as fully appreciate how lucky I am to have my health, a loving family, a garden, some yeast! …

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01 Dec 2017

National Geographic Food UK: Behind the scenes, The first ever cover.

Well I’ve had some pretty lovely shoots in the past, but to be trusted with shooting the very first ever cover for National Geographic Food was a huge responsibility. The theme for the first ever cover was to be chocolate. Denise Smart, my friend and trusty food stylist was up to the challenge. We had …

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08 Oct 2017

New Studio is finally getting there.

Well after a sometimes frustrating initial build, the main structure should be finished within the next 4-6 weeks. (Big fingers crossed). The roof is almost up and thankfully the weather hasn’t slowed down the build too much. We are now looking to hopefully complete the entire build before Christmas and open our doors again by …

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