owen stuart and me day 1

… and so, after 18 months of planning and discussions the new studio build has begun.

The new extension effectively doubles the size of my current studio setup and means that we will have created one L-shaped studio complex with a separate props room, a mini tv studio with separate prep kitchen, two brand new stills studios and parking for five cars. The filming studio will be for social media, and tv shoots all specialising in food and will have it’s own built in lighting rig with lights.

So it was January 20th 2017 when Stuart, my Nat West Bank relationship manager (never quite sure what his official title is) and Owen, my Quantity Surveyor and general project manager convened at my studio to finally sign the fixed price building contract and also the mortgage. Whatever way you look at it this decision will have a huge impact on my life over the next 10 years.

The impact will be reasonably painless I hope. I’ll be moving into my neighbours property at No 10, just next door to my studio, on March 6th 2017 and we hope we’ll be back to business as usual in October 2017. What a year this should be.

I’ll be updating this blog more regularly with news of the progress. The hire studio is still open for the next 6 weeks but there’s no parking at all and it might be a little noisy. Temporary reduced rates have been applied to compensate for this inconvenience.

Thanks to all the team including Greg, who’s running the show with his team and Owen architects who have been so thorough throughout.

As you might say… watch this space!